An important skill for a place kicker to have is the ability to kick the football high within a short distance.  This will allow you to get the ball up and over the line of scrimmage without worry of an opponent blocking the kick.  Once you have learned about correct plant foot positioning (a critical step to kicking the football higher), a useful drill to practice is the Crossbar Drill.  The drill will help you work on kicking the ball high within a short distance. Take a look at the steps and video below to make sure your getting the most out of the Crossbar Drill.

  1. Using a holder place the football seven yards from the goal post.
  2. Taking your normal field-goal kicking steps, kick the football over the crossbar.

  • Prepare to be hit with the football if it hits the crossbar, the ball will bounce back at you with high velocity.
  • Keep your head down during the follow through.

During a drill it’s important to focus on using good technique rather than making the field goal.  The Crossbar Drill will help you develop proper plant foot positioning as well as improve the height of your kicks.  To learn proper plant foot positioning check out our Plant Foot Guide.

2 Responses to “Crossbar Drill, Get Quick Height”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Im good at height but not dictance

  2. Quaze griffin says:

    I am a awesome kicker but I need hight and distance

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