The idea behind the No Step Drill is simple. Kick the ball straight through the uprights without taking a step. If done right this drill will help to improve your kicking distance and accuracy by forcing you to use whole body mechanics and not just leg swing. Take a look at the steps and video below to make sure your getting the most out of the No Step Drill.

  1. Place your plant foot next to the football (where it would be on a normal field goal).
  2. Position your kicking leg a full stride behind your plant foot.
  3. Shift all your weight onto your kicking foot, then rock forward and transfer the weight to your plant foot.
  4. As you transfer the weight, raise your kicking leg, swing, and kick the football.
  5. repeat 10 times or until you feel ready to move on to the One Step Kick.

  • Use your plant foot to push your body past the football on contact for maximum transfer of your leg swing and body momentum to the ball.
  • If you find yourself struggling to make it over the cross bar just move closer, don’t worry about distance and focus on teaching your body good habits.
  • Remember to look at the ball with your eyes, not your head.
        It’s important to focus on using good technique rather than making the field goal.  This drill helps develop the ability to transfer your leg swing momentum from your plant leg and foot to the ball.  It will also force you to kick using whole body mechanics and not just leg swing.  When done right the No Step Drill can improve your kicking distance and accuracy. This is a good drill to do as a warm up to Full or One Step Kicks.

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